Fun Things

I really like this bathroom. The texture and the ceiling and the color of whites and grays.

                                        Photo credit
This bedroom is very similar to the vision I have in my mind for a kids room just with a few more kids things and one or two little wild colorful toys.

Cook Book

Led Chandelier

LED lighting has been cropping up more and more, no long reserved for the occasional accent. With these chandeliers LEDs are front and center. Take a look at our 6 picks for chandeliers that we feel look just as well as they light.
  • Brindilles from Ligne Roset is made of fiber optic cables and 108 LED lights which all are stitched together in a white plexiglass fitting.
  • LED Chandelier is a concept by Group Two Designs and is made from LED lighting strips which are directly cast into a form of translucent resin, making this whole chandelier light up with dazzling sparkles.
  • Kurage3 from Schemata Studio is made of a 1.5-mm fiber optic cable and allows you to adjust the brightness by adjusting the curve of the cable. If you make the chandelier's fiber-optic cables curve past the critical angle for the cable, the light emitted from the LED light source leaks out.
  • Branch Light by Bruno Fosi's is an LED modular lighting system that grows in size, complexity and illumination as additional lightweight ceramic pieces are added and held together with neodymium magnets.
  • Constellation Chandelier is designed by Studio 1 Thousand and is not yet in production. This lighting fixture features 91 separate arms, each housing 4 energy efficient LEDs.
  • LED Adjustable Chandelier is a DIY project by Flickr user Rob K636. This fixture uses 35 .5watt LEDs and is incredibly bright.

Ice Cream Scooper
An easier way to scoop ice cream.

Traveling With Kids    
Dave and I have yet to find a restful vacation with Oscar.        
I found this website very helpful in my upcoming planning for a vacation with a child.                          

click here:

I'm so glad this company exists! Gift Envy is an online gift department store that specializes in gifting.  It's one of those things that only people "in the know" are aware of. ;)  
When you purchase through your loved one receives the   "all the rage" little black box with the words gift envy on top.
This is a trend that has swept Europe and is now on the must have list of the elite's in L.A.
They are currently working on establishing their U.S. website.
Check out all the fun things they sell.
I put these earrings on my wish list. I'm hoping to get that little black box in the mail for my birthday!

Enhancing Your Beauty
If you're looking for a natural look here is a knockout lipstick I found!
It brings life to your face in a naturally enhanced way.
Chanel Rouge Allure in Mythic:

For those of you that know the benefits of Microdermabrasion here is a home recipe.
From the book: Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles
This manual microdermabrasion recipe is one those exclusive secrets and it costs only pennies per treatment. If this treatment is used on a regular basis, your skin will achieve almost the same results as mechanical microdermabrasion.

1 tablespoon baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons water
2 drops helichrysum essential oil

In a small bowl, combine all ingredients until a velvety slurry (watery paste) forms.

Massage the slurry slowly and lightly with the pads of your fingers over your face and throat.
Cover skin with a thin coat.
This procedure takes almost 10 min. to complete. Rinse.


I bought beautiful plates, bowls, mugs and dog dishes from Kim Berger an extremely talented artist.
She made my set in the color I wanted.
Slate bluish gray.
I find myself opening my cabinets throughout the day just to admire my new dinnerware set.

Toy Clean Up

I really like the design and functionality of this basket for all things kid.
I'd like to buy one soon.

Kid Fun
Kids can design their own tee shirt!
click here to learn more

This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to try it out with Oscar.