Friday, July 29, 2011

A stolen Moment Alone With The Lord

I'm at my parents cabin right now without Internet access.
I'm using my phone to write this blog.
It's paradise here in the upper peninsula of Michigan. We are located on a beautiful fresh spring lake. It's huge.
My brother, his wife and their four kids are here too. We are packed in and over flowing.
I sneaked out yesterday morning and sat alone by the lake in a secluded spot on our property where no one would find me and I had a sweet moment with the Lord.

When I sought the Lord He showed up in a way that invigorated all my senses.
God showed up by embracing me with the most fragrant and cool refreshing breeze. The wind wrapped around me in a blanket and it smelled amazing.
The lake and the trees and grass around me were highlighted in a hue of striking color that I have never seen before.
I praised Him and He embraced me and blessed me with His presence.
I wrote some of our interaction down and I'm copying it on here to share with you.

Oh Lord you are beautiful.
Your glory is cast upon every blade of grass, every flower I seein front of me now.
I can't take it all in.
You are all around me. I can smell you. I can feel you.
The smell of fresh, sweet earthy morning breeze, blanketing me, encompassing me is the breath of your nostril.
Sweet, love, cool, soft, filling, tender alive.
I am in awe of your majesty.
I worship you my King.
You hold the deepest place of my heart. I am madly, desperately in love.
You have made all of this for me and I have done nothing to deserve it.
I get to witness the birds and trees and the flowers before me worshipping you and I am moves to tears.
My heart is singing, no, rejoicing - bursting inside of me for I cannot contain the joy of the holy spirit. You are god, you are holy, my righteous omniscient savior.
Since Jake died it has been even harder to live life on earth.
We are literally walking in the valley of the shadow of death, but I am not worried.
I know you Lord. You are with us. I am not afraid. I am sad, I am longing for Jake, for you and for all ofthis to be over but I trust you. I rest in you.
I know that you love me fiercely, dangerously. Dangerous for satan.

I have a picture to go with this of the spot where I was sitting but I can't upload from my phone.